Fix Linksy Router Slow Upload Speed Error

Fix Linksy Router Slow Upload Speed Error

Why Is Linksys Router Not Getting Full Speed?

Linksys router not getting full speed or facing Linksys router slow upload speed issue. After checking the WiFi speed, it shows much less than the desired upload speed. Linksys router keeps lagging the WiFi and continuously showing not connecting issue due to slow WiFi speed. 

WiFi mesh system products, extenders, routers, etc. as a manufacturer. widely used, it makes sense that problems will arise from time to time. This guide discusses the most common issues with your Linksys router, such as: Login Or Setup error

There are many problems with Linksys routers. These problems are easy to fix, but first we need to understand why they occur. The most common problems with Linksys routers are:

  • Unable to access configuration page: The router configuration page is usually accessed from the web browser’s address bar. We will use the IP address to access the configuration, but this address may change randomly.
    If the IP address changes, we will not be able to access the configuration page. Another reason could be a firmware update, not having access to the internet, or the firewall may be blocking our connection.
  • Unstable Wireless Connection: Believe it or not, microwave ovens can interfere with Wi-Fi. The frequency of microwave ovens is similar to that used for Wi-Fi.
    Another reason could be the size of the maximum drive unit. This is the maximum packet size allowed for Internet transmission. Sometimes we need to adapt to reach the prescribed pace.
  • Linksys Router Low Upload Speed – Linksys routers often have slow download and upload speeds for various reasons. One of the most common reasons is
    • IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) devices
      However, when switching to IPv6, all data running in IPv4 will be compatible with IPv6. This will lead to a slow download.

Also, there is an issue with QoS (Quality of Service) where we have to set the priority of network traffic to give our router the maximum speed.

So there are problems that arise from time to time. However, the most annoying problem is the slow speed. There are some fixes that prevent the Linksys router from reaching full speed. Login Or Setup error

How To Increase Linksys Router Speed?

Let’s take a look at the steps to increase the function of Linksys smart WiFi. If we wanted to increase the speed, or at least return it to normal speed, we only considered the size of the MTU, the priority of the bandwidth, the QoS, the IP version and a simple reboot.

Linksys Router MTU sizes

To set the maximum size of the Linksys router transmission unit, go to the configuration page of the router. Enter the IP address of the router in the address bar of the browser. Press Login to go to the login page.

It is best to follow these guidelines when registering with Linksys routers.

Resolve Linksys Router Not Getting Full Speed Error

  • Then go to Connection Settings and click on the Internet Options tab. There we can see the MTU section and click on the drop-down menu.
  • After pressing, you need to configure it manually. Now enter the MTU size recommended by Linksys Router. It is advisable to first determine the size of the MTU. Apply settings and save changes. This should normalize the speed.

To Fix Linksys Router Slow Upload Speed Ensure Bandwidth priority

There are two ways to connect your devices or applications to the Internet with Linksys routers. One way is to use the Linksys app. Of course, we need to connect to WiFi on our phone and open the app.

Then tap Manage WiFi, enter your email address and password, and sign in. The panel appears, go to Priority> By device> Add device. Finally, select the devices you want to default to.

Linksys Router Upload Speed Issue With App

  • Another option is the browser app, where we also have a control panel. Select Media priority on the left side where Wi-Fi smartphones are listed.

  • Turn on priority. Drag and drop the tool that should be high priority. Drag from Normal to High Priority. Click Apply and that’s it. This should provide speed on preferred devices.

Uplift Linksys WiFi Speed Using IP version

  • Disabling IPv6 is not difficult at all, preventing the translation of IPv4 packet compatibility, and eliminates the extra steps required to download files. Then you need to go to the start menu.

  • Click on Settings > Network & Internet and then on the Advanced network settings tab click on Change adapter settings. Select the network you are normally connected to. You are using a Wi-Fi adapter or Ethernet cable.

  • Right click and go to Properties. A window will open and you will see the “Network” tab and the “This connection uses the following items” section with different checkboxes. Find version 6 of Internet Protocol (TCP / IPv6) and disable it.

Reset Linksys Router

Reset Linksys Router

Fix Linksys Slow WiFi Speed By Soft Reset Router using

As a universal solution to all hardware problems, a soft reset improves many things, including speed. Disconnect the router, wait 10 seconds and reconnect. This should eliminate any errors or omissions.

Hard Reset Linksys To Ensure High Internet Speed on Linksys Router

If resetting the router doesn’t work, you can try resetting the modem. Follow the same steps for your modem or reset both devices. This stabilizes the connection between the modem and router and stabilizes the speed.

Note: The reason why the Linksys router cannot reach maximum upload speed is often the high latency. There may be other reasons like Internet Protocol version or other devices forwarding the same route as WiFi.

Follow the prompts to configure MTU, IP version, bandwidth priority and/or turn off devices blocking Wi-Fi signals; your router should be running at full speed.

If any of the above steps do not work, please contact login or setup customer service to resolve Linksys router slow upload speed or Linksys router keep lagging and showing no internet or WiFi issue.

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