Can’t Change Linksys Router Password

Unable To Linksys Router Password Change Using

Can’t Linksys router password using login page? Or looking for the easy process of changing your linksys router password? Unable to change the login password. Failed to change the password of the linksys router on Window and Mac devices.

Fix Linksys Router Password Not Working Error Manually

This guide will help you to provide the complete information about how to change Linksys router password or fix Linksys router password not working error. Easy steps to changing the password of your Linksys smart WiFi router login.

Manual Method to change the Linksys Router Password

  • Access the linksys router login page using the default ip address or web address in the internet browser.

  • Enter the correct username and password in their provided sections.

  • Once you have access to the linksyssmartwifi login dashboard, look for administration tab >> New Password

  • Click on save button.

Using this method, users can change the password of the login.

Linksys Router Password Changed Failed

If the above method failed to change the linksys router. Then one can get rid of this by resetting the device.

Fix Linksyssmartwifi password not working issue by Reset Linksys router
  • Switch on Linksys router by plugging it in with an active power outlet.

  • Follow the reset procedure post power let start blinking.

  • Press and hold the reset button for about 20 seconds.

  • Turn OFF your linksys device by unplugging from power source

Once the linksys router is reset completely, you can access the login dashboard by using the default username and password.

Also refer guide if cant access login panel or not working on Windows or Mac devices. Password FAQs

What is my Linksys Router Password? And To change default Linksys Smart WiFi password?

There are some cases where users need to find the password for the Linksys router. So follow the given set of instructions for windows operating system


  • Tap on Start Menu and look for Network Status option

  • Move to Setting Menu and click on Adapter option

  • Click on computer wifi adapter, click on Status > Wireless properties

  • Users will be able to see the password box with dots.

  • Click on show password and the user can view the password easily.