Red Light on Linksys Router [Solved]

Red light on Linksys router [Solved]

How to resolve Red Light Issues for Linksys Smart Wifi Router

Facing red light on Linksys router or solid red LED flashing on Linksys router? Linksyssmartwifi showing red light or blinking red LED on Linksys Smart WiFi. The status of LED lights on Linksys Smart Wifi router determines the overall performance. There are several times that a user faces the different kind light on his/her linksys smart wifi router. Out of them the most common type of light is RED light on Linksys router.

Steps to fix Red Light on Linksys Router Issue

In most cases this issue is resolved easily, if not resolved, users will not be able to access the internet on the devices. Before going forward with the solution of the red light on Linksys router one should know the behaviour of the all type of light signals

Status Of LED Light On Panel Of Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router


Starting Up

WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) paring started


Connected to the internet

WPS paired successfully

The router is online


Setup is under progress

Follow the instruction on the Linksys App


Ready for setup

Open the linksys app to complete the setup


Disconnected  or out of range

The router is too far

The router is unplugged from the modem

 SolidNo internet from the modem
YellowSolidWeak Connection
 BlinkingWPS pairing unsuccessful

Get Rid Of Red LED flashing on Linksys router

There could be many reasons for encountering the red light on the Linksys Smart WiFi device. Out of many loose connections can create the problem of red light on linksys devices. If correct diagnostic steps are taken it can be resolved in a couple of minutes and if not it takes hours to days for resolving. Below are some of the ways one can get rid of this situations:

Red Light on Linksys Router- Initial Checklist

  • Check Power Connections: Make sure the eclectic sockets which are connected to your linksys device are able to provide the continuous amount of power supply which is required for the proper working of linksys smart wifi router.
  • Check Cable Connections: Sometimes loose or faulty connections with your linksys router also create the situation of linksys red light. It is advised that to check the cables which are connected to linksys router and computer must be free from any kind of faults or damages.
  • Compatibility Check: One must check the compatibility of the linksys router to the modem. If hardware devices are compatible with each other, the user may face the red light on the linksys router.

Linksys Router Red Light Error- Advanced Troubleshooting

  • Reboot Linksys Smart WiFi to get rid of Red light on Linksys router:  Generally rebooting the linksys smart wifi router resolves the issue of linksys red light. For this, unplug the linksys device from the power supply source and let the power adapter have some rest and then plugin the socket back to the power socket.
  • Disconnect Then Reconnect  If the modem is connected to the modem with the router via wireless connection, try disconnecting them and using the device with the help of an ethernet cable. Using ethernet cable is suggested as sometime wireless connection can also cause the red light issue in linksys router.
  • Resolve Solid red light on Linksys router by reset factory setting: If the problem still remains the same, try reset your linksys smart wifi router to the default settings and configure it again.
    • For this process, long press the RESET button for a few seconds and release the button after this your device will reset to factory default settings.
  • Even after resetting your device to factory defaults, the red light on linksys device is still coming. Check if the hardware of your device is proper or not.
  • Cross check with the internet service to make sure everything is fine from there.

Well all the above hacks and steps will resolve the linksys red light issue. If you are still not able to resolve, get in touch with our login and setup experts for getting quick assistance related to your problem.

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